• The Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing
    [March 4, 2016] On each of my trips to Europe or elsewhere abroad to a marketing conference, it is inevitable that someone will say, “We’re 1-2 years behind digital marketing in the U.S.”. The reasons for this vary, from the capabilities of agencies to demand amongst business buyers of marketing services. Business culture in the UK drives many […]
  • How Twitter’s New Timeline Should Help Businesses
    [February 10, 2016] On Wednesday, Twitter confirmed reports of a new algorithmic timeline, but stressed that to enable it, users have to do so themselves in settings. In other words, the sky hasn’t fallen as many Twitter users would have had us all believe over the weekend. If a user does enable the functionality, the tweets Twitter thinks […]
  • Twitter Growth in 2016
    [January 12, 2016] Twitter is stuck. Usage has stagnated at about 320 million monthly users worldwide and U.S. usage is projected to lag well behind Instagram’s growth. Revenue was actually up 61% in Q2, to $502 million, but the stock is getting pounded, putting pressure on the board and leadership to “do something.” It’s a tough question, but […]
  • How to Use StumbleUpon for Marketing
    [December 8, 2015] StumbleUpon is going through some major changes as a company. It recently went through some restructuring and is now once again owned by its co-founder and former CEO Garrett Camp. The team is now working on a new product from Camp’s startup studio Expa called Mix, which sounds like a next-generation StumbleUpon. The future of […]
  • What Will Be The Next Big Thing To Come Out Of Social Media?
    [November 2, 2015] That’s the question I was recently asked by a someone during a speaking appearance. He amplified the question–wondering who or what would come along to knock off Facebook. It was an interesting question, and I started my answer by noting that Facebook was the first really big thing in social media and that nothing has […]
  • Are Too Many Social Metrics Damaging Our View Of Social Media Value?
    [October 12, 2015] In a recent webinar with Forrester and Brandwatch, Nate Elliott (of Forrester) laid out some of the issues social media marketers are facing when proving value to the brands they service. A few points stood out to me and I wanted to share in hopes that we can all become better social media marketers.
  • Keywords Guide Your Content But Are Not Content
    [September 21, 2015] Keywords are (and keyword research is) still an important part of a strong web marketing campaign. But many SEOs have a tendency to focus more on the keywords than on the topic of the page that is being written or optimized.
  • The Integration of Twitter Into Google Now Includes Your Desktop
    [August 24, 2015] In May, Google announced new Twitter integration into its search results on mobile devices. This was the result of a deal between the two companies, which gives Google access to all of Twitter’s tweets in real time. Last week, some in the UK reported seeing a similar feature appearing in results on the desktop. Asked […]
  • Youtube, Twitter & Facebook Are Competing To Acquire Video Creators
    [July 31, 2015] It’s hardly news that the video and advertising battle between Facebook and YouTube is heating up, and this has never been more evident than it was on VidCon last week, when both companies as well as other competitors showed off their offerings and tried to woo some of the Internet’s big video stars.
  • Google Queries Webmasters About Combining Sites In Webmaster Tools
    [July 6, 2015] Google wants to know if webmasters would find it useful to combine different sites in Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). The company has a survey out inquiring about the subject.
  • Panda and Penguin Google Updates Shared With Webmasters
    [June 8, 2015] At the SMX Advanced conference on Tuesday, Google’s Gary Illyes made some comments about what webmasters will be able to expect from Google with regards to its Panda and Penguin updates in the near future.
  • 5 Elements of a Killer SEO Strategy
    [May 15, 2015] Implementing the right strategy to propel your company to those coveted Google positions takes research, initiative, and the right strategy. While there is plenty of noise and trendy ideas dictating what’s considered an effective strategy, there are some steps a business can take to maintain long-lasting SEO success that won’t get washed away with the […]
  • How to Get Verified on Twitter
    [April 21, 2015] If you’ve spent time on Twitter, you’ve seen them. Depending on how much time you’ve spent on Twitter, you’ve probably wondered “what are these doing here?” No, not trolls, but the elusive blue and white verification badges.
  • Google’s Problems In Europe Continue To Intesify
    [April 3, 2015] The European Commission is about to “move against” Google, “setting the stage for charges” against it, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, and adding that the commission has been asking companies who have filed complaints against the search giant for permission to publish info they […]
  • How has SEO changed in 2015
    [March 9, 2015] Search engine optimization in 2015 was just one of the topics in a fast-moving SEMrush Twitter chat that I was invited to recently on how to integrate SEO into the marketing mix. This was my first time as the guest on the SEMrush chat and it was a dizzying experience–hundreds of participants and thousands of tweets.
  • Are you optimizing your website search?
    [February 9, 2015] I can’t tell you how often I hear the same thing: “Our website search facility is managed by the IT team.” They say it matter-of-factly, as though that makes perfect sense. I ask them if their IT team manages their website. “Well, yeah, the technology part, but we do the content.” Oh. Then I ask […]
  • Google Provides Structured Data Tool to Webmasters
    [January 19, 2015] Google announced that it is giving webmasters a new structured data tool to help them author and publish markup on their websites. The new tool, it says, will better reflect Google’s interpretation of your content.
  • Google Battles Back Against European Anti-Trust Investigation
    [December 19, 2014] As you probably know, Google is currently embroiled in a years-long antitrust investigation in Europe, as authorities continue to look into its search business. The process was recently prolonged further by a change in leadership, with commissioner Joaquin Almunia stepping away, and Margrethe Vestager replacing him.
  • Google Has Concerns With ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ On a Global Setting
    [November 18, 2014] Links removed from Google’s European search engines may end up having to be removed from Google’s other search engines. As you may know, Google has been removing links from its European search results because of what has come to be known as the “Right to Be Forgotten” law. The law enables people to request Google […]
  • 3 Important Social Media Stories, Adjust Your Campaigns Accordingly
    [October 27, 2014] IFTTT Expands Twitter Marketing Opportunities The popular automation tool, If This Then That (IFTTT), has announced its partnering with Twitter to allow new actions to be triggered based on Twitter searches, Twitter mentions, and tweets from a specific location.
  • 3 top social automation tools
    [October 10, 2014] Last week I wrote 5 compelling social apps, an article that apparently hit a nerve. It might even be one of my most successful posts. This week, I’m adding three of the most important social media marketing automation tools I use on a daily basis.
  • ‘Login and Pay with Amazon’ Comes To Europe
    [September 17, 2014] Amazon launched “Login and Pay with Amazon” nearly a year ago to let websites enable users to use their Amazon accounts to make purchases. Such a product had been long-anticipated.
  • The Integration Between Search, Social, and Email Is Very Important
    [August 28, 2014] It’s a good thing we had a team of marketing “silo busters” present for a recent webinar hosted by Shoutlet. Not only did this triple threat of marketers help break down the barriers between SEO, social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing, but we shined a spotlight on how to integrate.
  • Breaking Down The Ins and Outs of Google+
    [August 8, 2014] One of the side stories of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas TV special was the Island of Misfit Toys. The island is a sanctuary for defective and unwanted toys. Thing is, once these alienated holiday presents found each other, they found home, friendship, community, and a family.
  • Smarter Content Marketing Involves SEO, Social Media, and PR
    [July 11, 2014] So, a SEO guru, a social media expert and a public relations pro walk into a content marketing bar. The search marketer says to the bartender, “I’d like 35 shots of of the same tequila, but each needs to be in a slightly different glass, in different amounts and chilled at slightly different temperatures.”